The highly-anticipated romance suspense thriller, “Even Climate Change Can’t Stop Love And Murder”

A uniquely American vision of love and murder, trauma, and healing around 2026, “Even Climate Change Can’t Stop Love and Murder”, is the highly-anticipated romance suspense thriller and follow up to last year’s critically-acclaimed “Even A Pandemic Can’t Stop Love And Murder” by A.E.S. O’Neill. And now, when you purchase the sequel critics are calling “…a literary thrill ride full of sharp social commentary wrapped in a mystery with a touch of romance,” you can receive an eBook version of Volume One, “Even A Pandemic Can’t Stop Love And Murder,” absolutely free.

Barely surviving the climatic run-in in “Even A Pandemic Can’t Stop Love and Murder” with Jagger, the golem-like mob killer antagonist, Alby and Ginger, the series’ reluctant protagonists, are being relocated by government agents from New Jerseyto Sedona, AZ. A dark episode in Iraq has left Alby permanently in hiding—a threat of death that follows him from the deserts of the Middle East to the deserts of Arizona.

The two cross a country straining at its social seams against climate chaos, insurrectionists, and white supremacists—deadly threats are at every turn as they search to define their love for each other—unaware that Jagger is still alive and after them.

Stuck in Alby’s truck for days, Alby and Ginger slowly get to know each other. Alby is quiet, with a wry sharpness. Ginger, a professional dance instructor, who is both tough and righteous with a hair-trigger temper, feels safe with Alby in ways she doesn’t understand.

Jagger is also heading West, fighting against poisoned lungs and an unseen force stronger than himself—his uncanny ability to use facial recognition to read his victims is rendered useless against this new enemy. Battling this unseen foe and his mob “Owners,” has him metamorphosed into something even more dangerous than the professional killer he was before.

Written by A.E.S. O’Neill the Even Love and Murder series is loosely based on his own childhood experience with his mobster father being tailed and wiretapped by the FBI in Southern New Jersey.

For the free eBook version of Volume one, simply visit and click on the free eBook tab at the top of the page.

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