Alana Saldivar’s new romance novel “Trails” follows a young woman’s fight for survival

Alana Saldivar

Alana Saldivar, a primary education teacher, has completed her new book “Trails”: a page-turning novel that highlights the messy, complicated, and dangerous life of a fresh university graduate. Alejandra Oliva thought that she’s finally about to reach her dreams but her family’s financial situation forced her to move to an unknown city. Things seem to not work out for Alejandra. Will she be able to save herself and family in this chaos? In the predicament she’s currently in, is love even possible?

Saldivar shares, “Alejandra Oliva is a young woman who had recently graduated from her university studies and who is forced to leave her hometown to face the current economic situation of her home.

Upon arriving in a city not far away but unknown to her, she will be welcomed in the bosom of a home where she will be involved in a series of mysterious secrets, which curiously will be linked to her past. She will see how they influence her present and how they could affect her future, and she will have to find the strength to be able to face the adversities that she will have to face.

In this journey, she will encounter love. She will experience mysteries and intrigues. Her life and her family’s will be in danger.”

Published by Page Publishing, Alana Saldivar’s amusing tale seamlessly blends mystery, drama, and romance.

Follow Alejandra as she faces the depth of her past and the unpredictability of her future while having to deal with her confused heart.

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