Grow Your Own Mushrooms


Paperback – Gardening Book / Mushroom. Grow delicious edible mushrooms indoors or outdoors, in your garden or on your balcony, and enjoy them fresh throughout the year. This practical book explains how to grow fungi, with easy-to-understand instructions: Methods and growing media for indoors; getting your mushrooms started and caring for them; how to harvest, store, and preserve your mushrooms all year round; and in-depth descriptions of the most popular varieties.

This beautifully designed book is the perfect introduction to mushrooms. In it, Folko Kullmann explains what fungi are, how they grow, their history, and their medicinal properties. It outlines every step of how to grow mushrooms at home, with lots of photographs throughout. Grow Your Own Mushrooms includes a 12-month plan and a list of the best mushrooms to grow at home. In the garden, mushrooms thrive in areas too shady for vegetables, fruits, and herbs.



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